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Dragon Treasures

2-4 players, 30 minutes, fast paced, dice, cards

Dragon Treasures

Our first board game Dragon Treasures©™ combines cards, dice and a unique, round, double sided board to handle new and experienced players. Dragon Treasures©™ is an even mixture of luck based and skill based play-style allowing every person to create their own strategy and make it work for them. This game is designed to level the playing field between novice and expert game player, father, mother, son and daughter. Dragon Treasures is fast paced and promises to keep the attention span of the kids even if they are eliminated from the game (with the addition of a very Ascended Games creative idea).

You are a powerful mage and you have summoned a strong and fearsome dragon to fight by your side! Your goal is to eliminate the other players dragons to rule supreme over the land! Send your dragon to the treasure room to collect life giving treasure. When you are confident and your dragon is strong, send your dragon out to conquer your opposition! Rule the land and you rule the world!

Once you have played the game a few times, come back to these forums and post new rule ideas, tips, tricks and house rules! I have posted one to get things started. Enjoy the game and may you rule with wisdom and health over your world.

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