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Intellectual Property Notice

This overview of Ascended Games intellectual property ("IP") should address many of the questions you have about copyrights, trademarks, etc.

General IP Philosophy

While Ascended Games will vigorously defend its IP ownership rights, we believe in the principle of "fair use." We encourage our consumers and trade customers to employ our Intellectual Property freely for personal use. In some cases (e.g., magazine scenarios), we even encourage creation of "derivative works" (i.e., material based upon Ascended Games intellectual property). Of course, you should always obtain authorization for all such derivative works. You can obtain our authorization by complying with the following guidelines:

  • Contacting Ascended Games—Please email Ray Farrar, AG's CEO, at drfarrar@ascendedgames.com.
  • Ascended Games Credit Notification—You must incorporate a prominent copyright notice stating that the work is based upon Ascended Games work. You must specify the Ascended Games property upon which the derivative work is based.
  • Designer Credit Notification—You must incorporate a prominent notice stating exactly how the work is derived from another work. You must clearly and prominently credit the original author(s) and owner(s) accordingly.

Derivative Works

Derivative works occasionally fall into the category of "fair use." This is in the case with satire or commentary (analysis). Nonetheless, you cannot heavily quote or recreate copyrighted material to an extent greater than that necessary to achieve the underlying purpose—and such purpose must be legally "fair." When in doubt about what is fair use, please contact us.

  • No Dilution—You may not publish a derivative work that substantially reduces or otherwise dilutes the value of Ascended Games IP.
  • Non-Harmful—You may not publish a derivative work based on our IP that is libelous, pornographic, or in other ways tortuous or criminal or in nature.
  • Quality Control—You may not publish a derivative work based on our IP that substantially deviates from the standards of quality associated with the product from which the work is derived.
  • Freeware—Freeware may be, or embody, derivative work. The fact that it is electronic in character and derived from a non-electronic source is not relevant.


Ascended Games Trademarks

Ascended Games publications are protected by copyright and trademark protection. Trademark protection applies to the identification of goods in commerce. A trademark infringement usually arises when someone trades in commerce with a product that is in whole or part identified with an existing mark. For instance, if you sell goods on the basis of the fact that it contains "Oh My Gods ©™" or "Dragon Treasures ©™" material, you are trading upon our trademark.

Ascended Games Copyrights

Copyright protection applies to the original manifestation of an idea. We generally use text or artwork or music to express (i.e., manifest, generate or create) an idea. Only this manifestation of an idea receives protection. You cannot copyright the idea itself. This is true even in the case of a patent, which affords protection to a novel method, formula, or process.

A copyright infringement arises when someone publishes text, art, music, etc. that substantially recreates copyrighted material. For example, you may be subject to an action for copyright infringement if you sell a product that contains text or artwork that is derived from "Oh My Gods ©™" material.

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