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About AG

Ascended Games (AG) develops and publishes top quality, family board games, card games and online video games that are easy to learn and fun to play. Our name, Ascended Games, is derived from our goal to ascend above and beyond traditional games to offer our customers innovation and creativity. Where other game developers present restrictions and limitations we offer options and creativity.

AG was formed to give game players what they want -innovation, creativity and excitement! We are a game development company founded and operated by gamers (avid game players). We know what makes an exciting game and we deliver. Before any of our hand crafted games come to market, they are thoroughly tested and retested by our staff and customers to guarantee a high level of replay-ability. We are enthusiastically dedicated to developing exciting, quality games.

We believe that the quality of materials used adds to the enjoyment of playing games. AG sets the standards for the highest quality components with uncompromising value. We look forward to providing you with the most exciting games on the market today!

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