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What makes our games different

With our MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), we have a story concept that "redesigns the box" everyone else has been in for the last decade. Our competitors games are type-cast by their styles and their client base is hungry for new ideas. We have many new ideas at Ascended Games! Our fresh, new concepts will bring new life to the world of board games and video games alike. In our MMOG for example: the blacksmithing profession will allow the players to invent their own alloys and make items for sale. The detailed scenes and actions of the characters will be fun to use by the player. Play the character you want to play, not what the developers want you to play. Invent your own metals, foods, drinks. Grow your own wines, wheat, corn. Entertain your friends with song and dance. Battle as a hero, grow to become a legendary hero and write your own history.

Our games will have fun twists. For example: In-game real estate and mineral rights can be bought, sold, leased or rented with in-game money or real cash via our secure website. We will have a stock market including a stock ticker that runs on screen when you are in the bank. We will have professions ranging from investors, to fighters; from entertainers to farmers.

We have found that women want to play these games too. However, most game studios haven't designed ideas for women's interests. We will.

Our MMOG's genre has a new twist of medieval times style based after the fall of Atlantis 15,000 years ago. Much of the information will be factually accurate based on the legends and mythology we all loved as a kid. We will encourage our customers to research facts online via Wikipedia or Google.

We will create a world based on personal secret desires. Our players will be able to take part in creating legends and be designers of their own destiny. We will provide only suggested templates in-game, but the character's story is their own. We will add the ability to log the character's lifestyle and the player can actually own their stories to be published with permission from Ascended Games. This is a new approach to widespread advertisement and fan-based dedication. This isn't going to be just another game. It will be a grand experience that will re-ignite the passion we have for legends and mysteries of ancient times, back when we believed in magic and might.

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